My Way, Saaga Lamusuo
Saaga Lamusuo

My Way

This is a travelogue based on my diaries. We travel from continent to another experiencing the mountains in Spain, the heat of Sri Lanka, the evenings of India, the deserts of Utah and the tired feet on a pilgrimige trail. Despite all those outer adventures it’s more an inner story and a self-discovery. It tells about the process of becoming independent and about the growth and the battle between inner and outer world. It’s a story of the wonder of life, of its beauty and its roughness, but most of all its a saga of the incredibility of encounters with other people.
It’s not a superhero story nor a perfect Instagram travel gallery. At times it’s dance of joy, at times falling downs.
This book does not get a ”Happily ever after”-ending for Saaga is still going on as I speak. I hope that with this story I can share something that helps you with your own journey. I won’t give you advice for good and happy life but I am wondering those and many other questions with you.
Welcome on the Way!
255 printed pages
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