George M.Papa

The Road Back Home

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I first met Joshua Rich when he attended a class I was teaching as a volunteer in the Arizona Maricopa County Jail system.  When he explained his story, I knew it would make a positive impact as to prison sentencing, reform and rehabilitation.  I asked him to write down the details of his life, and I would turn it into a book.  He did so, and the book became two books. This is the first one.
It all started innocent enough.  Just a little curiosity which developed into an out-of-control addiction. It could happen to anyone, and it has millions times.  Drug addiction crosses all demographics.  The events of this book started in Utah, swung to Arizona, dipped into Las Vegas and San Diego, then turned back to Utah.
The addict only does drugs to stop the excruciating withdrawals, which often requires a fix every hour, even at night, which is a $250 a day treadmill at $10 per fix. After losing job, car, home, savings, family, etc., a life of crime is the biggest option.
The brain has been rewired to require drugs and if the drug is denied the brain rebels, causes convulsions, nausea, shakes, phobia and other excruciations.   Solve the withdrawal problem and drugs will dramatically fade.  Solve the drug problem and street crime will fade too.   I.e., most thefts occur only to get the money for drugs.
This book explains the good drug Ibogaine, a one-pill treatment that removes from the brain all the embedded trace toxins that cause withdrawal.   However, for big-pharma reasons, the FDA will not approve Ibogaine as the miracle drug it is, because why allow one pill to replace a lifetime of watered down Methadone and Suboxone.
Ibogaine is a quick, simple and effective cure for drug addiction of an opioid nature. It also cures alcohol and tobacco addictions.  Other drugs cure meth and other synthetic substance addictions.  Of note, before taking Ibogaine, one must be tested for heart and liver vitality, etc., because Ibogaine is so intense the patient must be medically compatible, plus be monitored and emergency ready during the process for several hours, or death could occur.  Scene 56 gives a far more detailed analysis.
This book will change the chemical, medical and political world, as to addiction recovery and prison sentencing reform, which is long overdue.  Plans are in motion to submit a Presidential Pardon Request for Joshua Rich, due to the fine person and example he is, plus focus a new national awareness and direction on these topics.
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