Lorraine Ansell

Firm of Step

“Firm of Step” is a collection of words that have come together after four seasons of experience. Each short poem features unpolished stones that can only shine once you have read them.
Formed from daily life, Lorraine Ansell, has shaped characters into form and re-arranged them into sto— ries. Short and perfectly formed into the paragraphs and pages you see here.
“Firm of Step” first started decades ago and it was only when a walk through a busy town centre grave— yard, that illuminated a literary path that Lorraine would tread like a cat alighting upon a piano key.
These twenty two especially selected poems and musings have been curated from many words and are now showcased for your enjoyment.
Take what you need from each poem or story and thank you for taking the time to discover new arrangements.
10 printed pages
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