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Stephen Covey

Principle-Centered Leadership

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This book asks the fundamental question, how do we as individuals (and organizations), not only survive but thrive amid tremendous change? More, why are our efforts to improve continuing to fail despite the millions of dollars we spend in time, capital, and human effort every year? How do we combat all of this by unleashing the full measure of our creativity, talent, and energy in the midst of this pressure? Is it realistic to believe that we can find balance in our personal life, family life, and professional life?Author Stephen R. Covey shows that the answer to these concerns is Principle-Centered Leadership; a long-term, inside-out approach to developing people and organizations. Covey tells that the key to dealing with the challenges that we face today is the recognition of a principle-centered core within not only each of us, but within our organizations. Covey offers insights and guidelines that demonstrate how we can apply these principles both at work and at home which will lead not only to an increase in our productivity and the quality of our work, but also to a new appreciation of the importance of establishing more personal and professional relationships as we strive to enjoy a more balance, more rewarding and ultimately more effective life.
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    CZ Zarranzhas quoted2 years ago
    Be reactive: doubt yourself and blame others.
    Work without any clear end in mind.
    Do the urgent thing first.
    Think win/lose.
    Seek first to be understood.
    If you can’t win, compromise.
    Fear change and put off improvement
    David Xiaohas quoted3 years ago
    We may attempt to do it as a kind of intellectual or moral exercise, but if we don’t have a sense of responsibility, of service, of contribution, something we need to pull or push, it becomes a futile endeavor.
    David Xiaohas quoted3 years ago
    Those striving to be principle-centered see life as a mission, not as a career. Their nurturing sources have armed and prepared them for service. In effect, every morning they “yoke up” and put on the harness of service, thinking of others.

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