Colm Keena

Haughey’s Millions – On the Trail of Charlie’s Money

Untangle the financial history of Charlie Haughey, Taoiseach and leader of Fianna F&aacuteil, in Haughey’s Millions, the must-read, bestselling exposé of one of Ireland’s most controversial politicians
Colm Keena, acclaimed Irish Times investigative journalist, examines the extraordinary career of Charlie ‘the Boss’ Haughey, the backbench TD who became Taoiseach (Prime Minister) and left a financial legacy that lingered long after his retirement from political life.
As a politician, Haughey made a huge contribution to Irish life: he played a key role in the Northern Ireland peace process and he laid the foundations for the prosperity that arrived with the Celtic Tiger. But Haughey’s Millions does not deal with Haughey’s political history; instead Keena uncovers the subject that Haughey most wanted to avoid and you’ll most want to read: the truth about his money.
From elections to tribunal appearances, Haughey dominated the Irish political landscape from the ’60s to the ’90s and always lived visibly beyond his means. From his princely accommodation in Kinsealy to his penchant for horses, Haughey’s extravagant spending made him look like a rich man on a TD’s salary.
In Haughey’s Millions, Keena traces the origins of Haughey’s lavish lifestyle back to the ’50s and to his early life as a partner in Haughey, Boland & Co. Moving chronologically forward, Keena looks at Haughey’s early involvement with Des Traynor and his developing relationships with property developers and other key entrepreneurs and business figures. Keena’s investigations take him up to the Moriarty and McCracken tribunals of the mid-’90s, set up to investigate the alleged financial corruption at the heart of Haughey’s infamous political reign.
Under the microscope of Keena’s investigations, Haughey’s financial dealings are revealed. In Haughey’s Millions, Keena gives you the whole tangled story of a politician who lived like a prince, from beginning to ignominious end.
Haughey’s Millions: Table of ContentsIntroduction
Part One: 1925–1987
A Descendant of KingsThe Tax Commissioner’s ResidenceThe Wilderness YearsBanking SecretsHorse Dealers and HoteliersHelping Ciarán
Part Two: 1987–1992
Back in BusinessTralee AgainA New DiscipleMoney for the BossBrian LenihanFinancial ServicesTaxing the Taoiseach
Part Three: 1992–
Bowing Out GracefullyHelicopters AgainAn Innocent BystanderDisclosureEndgameThe Case for the Defence
322 printed pages
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