Meg Cabot


When you’re starting a relationship, blood drinking is a big red flag . . . A delicious tale by the #1 New York Times–bestselling author of Enchanted to Meet You!
Sick of hearing about vampires? So is Meena Harper. The soap opera writer is not happy when her show jumps onto the bloodsucker bandwagon and adds a vampire character. It’s not that she’s unfamiliar with the supernatural—she herself has the ability to foresee other people’s deaths. But her precognition couldn’t prepare her for sexy, brooding Romanian history professor Lucien Antonescu . . . 
After murder victims drained of blood start turning up in New York City, Meena is accosted by the exceedingly attractive Alaric, a vampire hunter who has some bad news for her about her boyfriend. Turns out Lucien has a bit of a drinking problem, and it doesn’t involve alcohol. And Alaric, who’s investigating the killing spree, wants her help tracking him down. What to do? Who to believe? If only she could get a glimpse of her own destiny . . . 
“[An] appealing love triangle.” —Booklist
“Cabot winningly applies her trademark likably fallible protagonists and breezy storytelling to a vampire war in New York City.” —Publishers Weekly
“I’d read a cereal box if it was written by Meg Cabot.” —Julia Quinn, #1 New York Times–bestselling author of Bridgerton
506 printed pages
Original publication
Publication year
HarperCollins, Avon
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  • Kavitha Menonshared an impression4 years ago
    👎Give This a Miss

    Very sloppy.

  • b2245604647shared an impression8 years ago

    One of my favorite books!

  • Molly Davidsonshared an impression4 years ago
    👍Worth reading
    💞Loved Up
    🌴Beach Bag Book

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