Daniel Webster

GoPongo: Launching

Pongo is the World's Largest Communications Network Connecting Every Device for Every Person in Every Language Everywhere on Earth. For Pongo to launch, I must bring together 21 of the biggest, most powerful companies and entities which have already created all of the pieces and parts to build Pongo. To get the word out to the heads of these corporate families and entities, I am creating a series of videos on my Twitter account @danielwebster and writing this book, #GoPongo. You are likely reading this book because I sent you here from a video on Twitter. To get folks' attention, I must create buzz. I'm hoping #GoPongo trends, somehow. To help with that process, I went so far as to title this book with that hashtag. Thus, this book is my crowdsourcing project. Unlike other crowdsourcing projects, I don't need cash from those of you in the crowd. I need your connections. Therefore, if you know a head of one of the mentioned companies or know someone who knows the president and CEO, will you please throw Pongo a bone and tip them off that I'm wanting to meet with them to discuss launching Pongo. My Personal Invitation to them is the final chapter of this #GoPongo book.
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