B. Love

A Hustler's Heaven in Hiding

Laikynn Marie James is a hustler. She has been able to convince men to do just about anything, except love her. After spending seven years in another country and toxic relationship, Laikynn returns to the United States with two goals in mind — to start working legally and to fall in love and start her own family. The second she returns, she runs into a man that could very well be capable of giving her the love she desires, but he’s a part of the lifestyle Laikynn is desperately trying to get away from.

Growing up in foster care led Pharaoh and his older brother to a life of crime. He hasn’t held much value for love or women for that matter, only after what they can give to satisfy him. On his way out of the country, he runs into a woman that haunts his thoughts and dreams, driving him to find her no matter the cost.

After crossing paths a few times, Pharaoh and Laikynn are convinced fate is trying to pull them together. Their union seems to be beyond their control. And it also seems as if they have no control over whether they become each other’s peace or the downfall that takes them both out permanently. Love becomes the goal for them both, but common enemies have placed targets on their backs. Will they be able to go legit and let their relationship flourish, or will they find their hearts aching, breaking, and stopping all in the name of love?
141 printed pages
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