Albert Russo

Zapinette – Baguette & Tagliatelle

Be warned, Zapinette's gems of insouciant wit tend to become infectious. This wise-child's deceptively worldly innocence takes the entire gamut of human endeavor in its compass. Hardly anyone or any¬thing escapes unscathed. Michael Jackson, Vittorio de Sica, Freddy Mercury, Mao Zedong, Bill and Hill, the Pope, Fidel Castro, and even Jesus of Nazareth all come under Zapinette's delightfully zany fire as she "zaps" from topic to topic in an irrepressible flux. As the century of the double zeros dawns, we have seen the future and the future is sham. As a healthy dose of counter-sham, Zapinette Video should be on every brain-functional person's reading list. — The Literary Review

This book is a great ramble, rather like a chapterless Montaigne popping from one subject to the next, drawing connections no one else would ever have thought of, but with Groucho Marx, say, passing on hints over the writer's shoulder as to how to go about it. We readers chuckle along and even burst out laughing as we advance through this hilarious book, but we gather, we too willy-nilly, the serious messages underlying the frolicking bounce and jocular mode of the writing. — Leslie Schenk, in World Literature Today (USA)

The narrator of Albert Russo's new novel, Zapinette, is a little girl of our time, very knowledgeable about the outside world, but also enormously ignorant of the language commonly used about it, and, as a result, very funny. Her phonetic transcriptions of what she hears and her malapropisms make of her a powerfully distorting lens but, strangely enough, also a reliable witness. Albert Russo has thankfully spared us all the clichés of the genre, and what we read in his novel is a genuine portrait of a genuine child. — Small Press Review (USA) FROM NOW ON, ALL ZAPINETTE BOOKS BY ALBERT RUSSO ARE ONLY AND EXCLUSIVELY PUBLISHED BY L'ALEPH, YOU ARE THUS REQUESTED TO IGNORE THE ZAPINETTE TITLES BY FORMER PUBLISHERS WHO NO LONGER EXIST.
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