Aaron Sain

Letterville: The Town That God Built


We're the Letters, or as you may know us, The Alphabet, and in the year following our unveiling, The Creator showed us what it means to be one of his precious creatures. Even though some of us made quite a mess of things along the way we learned that He can use everyone for something special.

As unique letters, we were created to help explain things about life in a way that's easy to understand and although we are very different from each other, we are each important in our own way. So come take a trip to Letterville and let us tell you our story. You might just find it's a lot like yours.


The Letters

This collection of short stories is an invitation to awaken your friendship with The Creator as you discover that He is not some distant being who watches from afar, but rather a close friend who is very much concerned with and involved in your life — both the spectacular and the mundane.
68 printed pages
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