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Harry Potter Cocktail Cookbook

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40 Magical Concoctions, Potions and Cocktails Recipes for Harry Potter Fans and Kids!
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From the magical world of Harry Potter to your goblet, Harry Potter Cocktail Cookbook will share with you some of the best potions, concoctions, brews, and infusions. No wands or cauldrons are necessary to make these Harry Potter alcoholic drinks!

According to Professor Snape, a good potion can “bewitch the mind and ensnare the senses.” You can “bottle fame, brew glory, and even put a stopper in death,” if you know what you're doing. While some of these goals are a little out of range to us Muggles, a good time is not. So here are some recipes that will get you drunk, honor the wizard within, and hopefully earn you some serious house points.

The cocktails within this book have been carefully chosen so that most of them can be made with ingredients from your local supermarket or liquor store, rather than you having to order in specialty items!

Get your brew on with these fantastic recipes!

Buy it NOW and allow your customers to fully immerse themselves in the fantastic world of Harry Potter!✓

61 printed pages
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