Isis Unveiled

Isis Unveiled is a master key to the mysteries of ancient and modern science and theology. With the help of this book you will be able to make sense of how so many of the worlds peaceful and beautiful religions have been changed by those in charge of said religions. H. P. Blavatskys knowledge of religious minutia is immense and her assertions will challenge the way you look at the world. She slices through one religious agenda after another in search of truth. No religion is safe and no beliefs go unchallenged. Now you can have both volumes of this esoteric masterpiece in one binding.
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    Marcela Ferriñohas quoted7 months ago
    Know ye not, ye are gods?
    Alejandro Maldonado Salazarhas quoted4 years ago
    The Agnishtoma is that one (that god) who burns. The sun never sets nor rises. When people think the sun is setting, it is not so; they are mistaken. For after having arrived at the end of the day, it produces two opposite effects, making night to what is below, and day to what is on the other side. When they (the people) believe it rises in the morning, the sun only does thus: having reached the end of the night, it makes itself produce two opposite effects, making day to what is below, and night to what is on the other side. In fact the sun never sets; nor does it set for him who has such a knowledge. . . ." **
    Alejandro Maldonado Salazarhas quoted4 years ago
    Ayam gauh pris'nir akramit" (x., 189).

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