Hitler's Final Secret, Ronald Kniess
Ronald Kniess

Hitler's Final Secret

Twelve-year-old Frank Keller, while living in Germany on a military base, uncovers a box in the bombed-out remains of a nearby house in 1947. Too young to understand the importance of the document and photographs it holds, he brings it back to the United States as war booty.
Fast-forward to 1960: Frank, now a magazine writer on assignment in Europe, spots a medallion identical to the pentagram illustrated in the document he found as a boy. Frank does not believe in coincidences. When he obtains and reopens the booty box, he finds the contents devastating: Hitler sanctioned a secret movement. Armed with the names of its leaders, Frank embarks on a dangerous hunt as he exposes their covert power and savagery.
More than thirty years later, Frank recruits his son Elliott, also a journalist, to investigate his suspicions that one of the men he believed dead is still alive and active. Elliott now heads to Europe, where a romance leads him straight to the evil that threatens the world and provides him with an understanding of the tragic lives of the victims of World War II. Can Elliott stop the power-hungry group and reveal Hitler’s final secret?
268 printed pages
Original publication
Ronald Kniess



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