A Summer Idyll, Betty Neels
Betty Neels

A Summer Idyll

When Dr. George Pritchard asked Phoebe to marry him, she hadn't needed much persuading. The recent death of her aunt had left her penniless and without a job. Besides, she did like him. So what if he'd made it plain that he wasn't in love with her—at least she knew where she stood. It wasn't until after the wedding that she began to wonder if liking was going to be enough….
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Cashmere Baban
Cashmere Babanshared an impressionlast year
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“Isn’t it funny how one discovers quite suddenly that something—someone—that one thought mattered doesn’t mean a thing?’
‘And that acts the other way too—something that means nothing at all is suddenly all-important” ~ the feels 😊

Ilias N Rose D'cunha
Ilias N Rose D'cunhashared an impressionlast year
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