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Soul Folklore The First Crime of Murder In Earth & The Black Crow Bilingual Edition English And Russian

Soul Folklore The First Crime of Murder In Earth & The Black Crow Bilingual Edition In English And Russian Languange.
Душевный фольклор – первое преступление убийства на земле и двуязычное издание «Черная ворона» на английском и русском языках.
Time changes everything. People's hair turns white as they grow older, but one thing always stays the same, the feathers of the crow that never change color. If anyone experienced what we, the crows, had experienced, his hair would never turn white. As a creature I was the only eyewitness to the first crime of murder committed on the earth. I witnessed the first drop of human blood that was shed treacherously. I also knew that Allah was witnessing it all. It was a very terrifying day. I knew that it was all due to Satan. How strange the actions of Satan are! How compliant human beings are to him! People love Allah; yet they disobey Him and while they hate Satan, they obey him. How strange the species called “humans” and how grave his contradictions are! How great Allah's mercy and forgiveness is to man!
Excuse my language for I am a little bit angry. When people experience hard times they have a saying that goes: «They were days blacker than the crow's feathers.” I am aware that the crow's black color irritates people but they are oblivious to the fact that even the blackest feather on the crow's body is nothing compared to the human heart when it grows black because of sin. I also know that people make fun of the way a crow walks, for he hops around when he walks like a mad person walking on firebrand. He is always on the move. So, let us assume that we walk in a strange way –hopping and leaping about. Is that not considered natural after we have witnessed the injustice inflicted by a human being upon his brother? Before the human being was created, we used to walk about with a swinging gait like that of kings.
We were proud of our black color. Then, we witnessed a brother killing his brother and from that time onward our walk has become disturbed due to the horror of the act and our children inherited our handicap. People regard the crow's voice as being extremely ugly. It only takes for one of our species to stand on a tree and caw, for people to become pessimistic, because our caw is regarded as an evil omen. Our voice may not be as beautiful as a nightingale's but for sure it has nothing to do with evil omen. For evil omen is a word that coincides with the actions of human beings. A human sometimes commits a terrible act but as soon as a crow caws at the top of a tree he forgets what he has done, remembers only the crow's voice and becomes pessimistic! It is an old trick that the human being resorts to, as there is no other creature like him to compare with how he cheats and deceives himself. Humankind accuses crows of theft, abduction, and disobedience to their parents and families. People say that we steal kohl from eyes and soap from the rooftops of houses.
But the funny thing is that we do not even know what kohl is and we do not use soap when we take baths. We do not need it because our bodies and thoughts have reached such an extent of impurity that they cannot be cleansed. I apologize for my harsh tone but if anyone had experienced what I have experienced, he would surely have lost his mind. I was a judge in the world of crows and a witness in the world of people. However, once a judge loses his objectivity, calmness and becomes biased, he loses his honesty and fairness. I have played both these roles together. I was a judge in the world of crows; fair, calm and neutral but when I descended to testify in the world of humans, I lost my competence as a judge and my calmness and I screamed. Then Allah sent me to teach the son of Adam a lesson in mercy.
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