Danny Gregory

An Illustrated Journey

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Travel + Sketching = Inspiration
When we travel, we don't want to follow the same itinerary as everyone who's come before us. We want to feel like explorers, adventurers in undiscovered territory. And that's exactly what sketching can bring to the travel experience.
An Illustrated Journey captures the world through the eyes of 40 talented artists, illustrators and designers. You'll experience the wonder of seeing familiar sights through a fresh lens but, more important, you'll be inspired to set pen to paper and capture your own vistas.
The really wonderful thing about a sketchbook is that it can be totally private. You don't have to have an ounce of talent to enjoy learning how to really see what's in front of you. But lucky for us, the sketchbooks captured here are lovely, creative, intimate windows into each artist's mind.
So, whether you're just returning to the art of drawing, abandoned by most of us after childhood, or you're looking for…

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    giraffashared an impression5 years ago
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    Farahhas quoted2 years ago
    There are two aspects of travel drawing: one that’s passive and the other active. With the passive, you draw wherever you end up, whether it’s waiting on a plane or for a friend in a cafe. Then there are the places and events you actively seek out to draw. I started off drawing in those in-between passive moments, like at meetings, on the train or waiting for appointments. More and more I now like to plan where to draw and turn it into an adventure of finding new places to see and hopefully get some type of narrative into my drawings.
    Farahhas quoted2 years ago
    I always prefer sketching in public places and love to be seen, asked and criticized.
    Farahhas quoted2 years ago
    perhaps the result of searching for the opposite of my day-to-day surroundings as freelance illustrator working always in the studio.

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