A Girl's Ride in Iceland

193 printed pages
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  • Cris Lohas quoted4 years ago
    The smell of the fish while drying is terrible, the whole atmosphere being permeated with the odour.
  • Cris Lohas quoted4 years ago
    They are also full of the most romantic adventures, stirring incidents, and courageous assaults, dear to the heart of every Icelander, and treasured by them as a record of their country's history and its people's hardihood.
  • Cris Lohas quoted4 years ago
    They are works highly esteemed, and of interest to the scholar, embodying the history of the Island, tales of its former chiefs, their laws, their feuds, their adoption of Christianity, the sittings of the Althing, great volcanic eruptions, handed down by word of mouth from generation to generation, until the pastors and learned men committed them to manuscript.

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