THEN SHE SAID IT – by Tess Onwueme

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No longer able to contain the seething pain of indignity and silence, her voice finally erupted and broke through the guarded prison walls––where she had been subjected to exist (or die many times!) in her lifetime. Then she said it! At last––amplifying the choking voices of daughters wounded in the ravaged land of Hungeria, typified in the drama.  Echoes of tortured voices of women stab and slash through the body of the universe as the people cry out loud. How long can a people––whose land produces the richest oil and natural gas resources for the controlling multinational interests––continue to suffer and exist in Silence? Abject Poverty? Hunger and Starvation? Environmental Pollution? Chronic Fuel, Water and Electricity Shortages? Violent Rape? Abuse of Women and Girls? Selective Genocide? State Terrorism? Displacement? Massive Corruption? Humiliation and Betrayal––especially in the hands of those elected and entrusted to protect them?

Nagging questions and concerns fuel the impoverished into militancy, as they become radicalized and grow in the revolutionary struggle to confront the exploitative multinational forces of capital/injustice in the full glare of the international community to provoke change.

Set in the troubled state of Hungeria, this humorous socio-political satire dramatizes the global ‘poly-tricks’ of oil and globalization by the privileged few, who cripple the masses of women and youth, and also ‘kill’ the environment.

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