M.B.A.,Holly Jackson,D. Scott Smith,Matt Rouse


You didn't get into business to learn how to manage employees or handle taxes and state regulations. You started a Health & Wellness Business because you wanted to help people. But the struggles are real. Frustration, feeling isolated with no one who understands your struggle, overwhelm, limiting beliefs, imposter syndrome… there is a lot to overcome to be more successful.

You don't need more guides on how to use social media, or articles telling you how billionaires start their day. You need practical, repeatable, useful information that you can put into practice and take action on, now! You need a repeatable, operational, and cost-effective strategy to get more clients, feel good about your business, get past your struggles, and get back to the reason you started your practice or business in the first place.

This book is the first step to getting back to making a difference in the lives of others.
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