Ember Casey,Renna Peak

Royal Escape #5

Their time at Wintervale Manor has convinced Clara that Nick is still haunted by his past—and his three devilish royal cousins aren’t helping. But she’s willing to try anything to get Nick to face his ghosts, even as life at Wintervale gets more complicated…

New to the Royal Heartbreakers books?
Each series contains a complete romance story and can be read on its own, but the following is the chronological order of our books:
Royal Heartbreaker series (Prince Leopold + Eleanor Parker)
Royal Mistake series (Prince Andrew + Victoria Simpson)
Royal Arrangement series (Prince William + Princess Justine)
Royal Wedding Fiasco (special bonus book)
Royal Disaster series (Princess Sophia + Pax Donovan)
Royal Christmas Baby (special bonus book)
Royal Escape series (Prince Nicholas + Clara Weaver)
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