Barbara Cartland

The Innocent Imposter

  • fatimahj07has quoted6 years ago
    “I am also asking you to be something else in my life, something that no other woman could ever be.”
    Ursa looked at him in astonishment.
    “What is – that?” she asked.
    “I think the right word,” the Marquis said slowly, “is my partner.”
  • fatimahj07has quoted6 years ago
    “His daughter told me that her father was intent on marrying her to someone important and that she had no choice in the matter!”
    “Poor girl!” the Marquis ejaculated.
  • fatimahj07has quoted6 years ago
    What therefore could be more powerful than a glance of love between two people when it comes from their hearts?
  • Karen Koenighas quoted6 years ago
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