Balvinder Sandhu

Sex Crimes: Rape, molest and sexual misdemeanours in Singapore

Teachers, doctors and senior civil servants used to be considered role models in society but as in every profession, there are always black sheep who tarnish the reputation of their peers. Beneath the stereotype of a hardworking employee, here are cases of people who have committed crimes of a sexual or perverse nature. Read about the serial rapist who found his victims through social media; the elderly doctor who was accused of molesting his patient; the senior civil servant who traded sex for business favours; the female teacher who behaved inappropriately with the classmate of her 13-year old son. These are the stories of the men and women who did not keep their passion under control, committing crimes of a sexual nature.About the author Balvinder Sandhu has been a part of the Singapore media scene for over 15 years, as both a writer and editor. She has worked for various lifestyle publications on both a full-time and freelance basis. She is currently based in Melbourne, where she works on a freelance basis for publications in Singapore, Australia and Hong Kong, as well as several websites. Her book Financial Fraud was a finalist in the Popular Reader’s Choice Award in 2013.
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