Cheryl Harrison

The Cougar Club Hotel

From a sheltered upbringing in the Bronx, NY, Jennifer willfully marries an older man and leaves her comfortable nest for the Big City. Two toddlers into the game, her husband transplants the family to the mountains of New Jersey while he takes a job at a naughty sybaritic resort known as The Cougar Club Hotel. Bored by the country life and an indifferent husband, Jenn seeks company with a savy neighbor who eggs Jenn into a job of her own at the hotel. Jenn is teased, needled, and cajoled by her new friend who becomes the sister she never had. Then Jenn tips her toe into a pool of sexual experimentation in which she evolves into a champion swimmer. Her young libido sends her on dangerous sexual explorations.

But undelying the erotic surface is a deep and complling desire to find more than sexual satisfaction. Her quest is to win the attention she craves from her husband. An ugly divorce ensues, a cancer scare rears its head, and the plot plays out.

Her travels take her to the country side, San Diego, Vegas, and the Caribbean Sea as she migrates toward the love she desparately wants with a man she cannot have until the tale takes an unexpected twist and races to its powerful and satifying conclusion.
494 printed pages


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