Graham Fowles

My Story

“Are you really trying to tell me you haven’t heard of Peter Legend?” asked Peter Legend, incredulously.I had to admit that I hadn’t. And I like to think I know a bit about cricket.Three of us had travelled down to Budmouth to take a brief from Peter personally. He wanted to see what a big London agency could do for his chain of estate agents. However, when our art director asked Peter if it was intentional that his company’s logo should look like a set of cricket stumps, he wasn’t amused. He made it clear that his achievements in the game were not insignificant, and that he was about to start work on his autobiography. He also made it clear that we’d blown the meeting. Nonetheless, the whole episode got me thinking. How had a player I’d never even heard of won a Test cap? So I started doing some research into Peter’s Wessex side of the mid-eighties. Other names sounded more familiar: Herb Brunton, Andy Farrow, the Musgrove brothers. I was intrigued. So, I decided to give him a call. “Peter,” I said a little nervously, “you don’t need a ghost-writer, do you?”
363 printed pages
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Ockley Books



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