Afshin Shaddaie,Benjamin Khordipour,Michael Khordipour

The Engagement Ring Guide For Men

We saw a desperate need for our book. It’s really that simple. We’ve been selling vintage rings and jewelry for 40 years, and although we strive to educate our customers throughout the buying process, we noticed a big problem: most guys who are looking to buy jewelry enter the store with almost no prior knowledge. It’s almost as if they’re trying to drive from the backseat, and as a result, they were completely at the mercy of the jeweler.
Customers usually come into our showroom (or email and call us) with a few jewelry keywords in their pocket — and that’s it. All the other jewelry knowledge, much of which is very important to the purchase, is completely foreign to them.
Most guys don’t even know what the word “carat” actually means. Important words like filigree, triple-wire, bezel, milgrain, or polished girdle are like a different language to them.
It’s something that has bothered us for years. Last year, however, we decided that we were going to fix this problem. We set out to write a book that would provide guys with all the answers that they would need to know before buying their engagement ring.
220 printed pages
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