The Wren and the Raven, Elias Radcliffe
Elias Radcliffe

The Wren and the Raven

Ash is a thief who uses his skills and guile to steal from the richest nobles in Farstead and help the downtrodden peasants as the infamous Raven.

Cayl is a knight of the Order of the Wren, and is sworn to uphold the law of the realm in defense of innocent citizens.

As the town of Farstead is caught in a titanic struggle between two opposite wills, a dark presence is preparing to strike. And if the Wren and the Raven cannot reconcile their differences, they will not weather the storm to come.

From author Elias Radcliffe comes the first installment of the fantasy series 'The Brothers Aurelius.' A tale of thrilling action, deadly mystery and high fantasy awaits!
399 printed pages
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