Shai Tubali

Indestructible You

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Indestructible You is a practical guidebook for making yourself so strong inside that lifes relentless ups and downs cannot shake you and cannot break you. It will help you uncover the powerful, driving force of your true self, and let go of everything that holds you back. The book is based exercises and practices developed by Shai Tubali through his research and work guiding several hundred individuals through psycho-transformational processes. In essence: Life is like an eternal seesaw. At every given moment youre either up — getting what you want and feeling powerful, or down — finding yourself rejected, weakened and frustrated. We are forever hoping to bend the laws of this unfair game so that we stay on the up-side of life. But this unrealistic insistence is why we suffer. Indestructible You reveals the way to step down from the eternal seesaw and build an unbreakable self, a self that remains fearless and strong no matter what life throws at you.
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    Samid Nawahas quoted2 years ago
    Accepting a weakening makes you stronger precisely because you are no longer pouring energy into your compensations.
    Samid Nawahas quoted2 years ago
    Accepting the moments in which you are weak will make you far stronger.
    Samid Nawahas quoted3 years ago
    We believe it’s better to keep your eyes wide open and do something constructive with the inescapable energy of life

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