Bosco H.C. Poon

Risen From Prison

Winner of Castle Quay Books and Word Guild Best New Manuscript of 2019

Chinese-Canadian pastor Bosco H. C. Poon, stage name B.O.Z, was an aspiring Canadian recording artist. Through a series of unfortunate associations and choices, he ended up involved in criminal activity, eventually becoming an accomplice to the kidnapping of a Vancouver college student in April 2004. He was arrested and entered a lengthy trial, where he was sentenced to 12 years in prison for kidnapping, extortion, and conspiracy.
Risen From Prison is B.O.Z’s autobiography and chronicles his early life as an immigrant to Canada; the challenges he faced in his journey from musical success to gang involvement, arrest, trial, and incarceration; his spiritual redemption; and the many miracles that occurred after his decision to follow Jesus Christ.
From the top of the world to the pits of prison life and back out by the hand of God, B.O.Z calls everything that happened in his life “beyond his wildest imagination.” B.O.Z recounts this fascinating story with openness and vulnerability in the hope that others who have separated from God may find their way to Him also.
His story won the Castle Quay Books and Word Guild Best New Manuscript award in 2019. His case was featured prominently in the Canadian press.
352 printed pages
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