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“Compassionate and clear…a courageous undertaking.” —Greg Mortenson, New York Times bestselling author of Three Cups of Tea and Stones into Schools“As a scholar and storyteller extraordinaire, Deepak Chopra portrays a morally courageous yet highly human messenger of God.” —Irshad Manji, Director, Moral Courage Project, New York UniversityFrom the New York Times bestselling author of Buddha and Jesus comes the page-turning and soul-stirring story of Muhammad. Deepak Chopra—easily one of the most influential spiritual leaders in the world today—delivers this stunning, sincere, and highly accessible portrait of the Prophet of Islam. Chopra’s Muhammad is an outstanding resource for everyone who thinks they should know more about the man who inspired the world's fastest-growing religion.
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    Ahmed Lawal Sanishared an impression2 years ago
    👍Worth reading


    Ahmed Lawal Sanihas quoted2 years ago
    here is an inner man that nobody sees,” he replied. “Now he is on the outside, and the outer man, who is seen by everyone, he is gone forever.”
    ritahuhas quoted4 years ago
    The most significant mystical event in Muhammad’s life was the night journey he took to Jerusalem on the back of a lightning steed. Muhammad worshiped there with his predecessors and then was lifted up to the seventh heaven, where he communed with Abraham, Moses, and Jesus before being ushered into the presence of Allah.
    The purpose of the Koran, to borrow Jesus’s words, was to fulfill the law, not to break it. It took warfare to spread the new faith, but just over the horizon was a Paradise in which one God welcomed all believers. We can say that Islam brought monotheism to replace polytheism—the Arabs got one God in place of many. But the message was more universal. Allah wasn’t Yahweh dressed in a caftan. He was the One, an all-pervasive presence that upheld the cosmos.
    ritahuhas quoted4 years ago
    went to Muhammad and asked him if this was their promised land.
    “That’s not my concern,” he replied. “God can find his own anywhere on earth. There’s something more important.” He pointed to a pile of scrolls on the floor. “This is God’s book. It has been growing for twelve years now. Nothing is more precious. You are people of the Book, so you understand.”

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