Neil Tucker

So you want to be a principal?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like being Principal of a school?Perhaps you are in a position of Principalship right now and find yourself asking new questions about your role with each passing day?Possibly, you hold another title within the school where you work, and find your curiosity about the job of being a Principal growing. You may work closely with him/her or from a distance. In any case, individuals who belong to a school community will collectively hold many assumptions about the role of Principal. Some will be true, others false. This book is prime reading material for Principals of K-12 schools, individuals applying for Principalships, others who have harboured interests in becoming a Principal but have not yet acted on them, as well as any other school professionals who are in a role that demands frequent communication with their Principal.So You Want To Be A Principal? is presented in three parts as a practical, easy to read book. The book serves as current and useful professional learning material. Its short chapter format invites dipping and quick reading, then revisiting for note taking and thoughtful reflection.
362 printed pages
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