Catharine Maria Sedgwick

Hope Leslie (Historical Novel)

Hope Leslie is a historical romance, set in 1643, in Massachusetts Bay Colony.William Fletcher is a young Englishman who is in love with his cousin Alice, but her father forbids their love and forces her to marry another man. In despair, Fletcher decides to leave England and move to the Massachusetts. In the Bay colony, Fletcher marries and has children, when he receives word that his loving Alice and her husband have both died. By Alice's will, her two daughters, Faith and Hope, will be coming to live with the Fletchers.To address the increase in household Fletcher brings two young Native Americans as servants. Hope Leslie becomes Fletcher's favorite since she reminds him on Alice, and one time, when the two of them were away, their household was attacked by the group of Native Americans who kidnapped some children and left bloodbath behind. From that point start Hope Leslie's journey through early New England, as she tries to find a place for herself, get an education and hopefully get reacquainted with her lost sister Faith.
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