William Carlos Williams

Sour Grapes / A Book of Poems

39 printed pages
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    HThas quoted9 months ago
    We are alone in this terror, alone,

    face to face on this road, you and I,

    wrapped by this flame!

    Let the polished plows stay idle,

    their gloss already on the black soil.

    But that face of yours—!

    Answer me. I will clutch you. I

    will hug you, grip you. I will poke my face

    into your face and force you to see me.

    Take me in your arms, tell me the commonest

    thing that is in your mind to say,

    say anything. I will understand you—!

    It is the madness of the birch leaves opening

    cold, one by one.
    HThas quoted9 months ago
    unlacing them

    stand out upon

    flat worsted flowers

    under my feet.

    Nimbly the shadows

    of my fingers play


    over shoes and flowers.
    HThas quoted9 months ago
    forks and crumbs and plates

    the flowers remain composed.

    Cooly their colloquy continues

    above the coffee and loud talk

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