R.D. Hathaway

Hidden Passion

A young investigative reporter from Iowa is looking forward to some well-earned time off, fun, and maybe a little romance in Italy. But before the plane touches the tarmac, she is thrown into a deadly, centuries-old war within the Vatican that threatens to split apart one of the world's great religions.

Hidden Passion is a race-against-time thriller set in the mysterious world of tradition and ceremony of the Roman Catholic Church. When a controversial secret is uncovered that has been hidden for millennia, unknown forces will destroy anyone to prevent the news from getting out. Why are priests being murdered and who is committing these horrific crimes? Rennie Haran is thrown into a cauldron of suspicion and must escape dangers and even the police as she tries to find the truth.

Never one to turn down adventure, Rennie's passion for truth sees her on a gripping, dangerous quest across countries and continents to solve a mystery of worldwide importance, while simultaneously battling her own fears, anger and understanding of her own purpose in life. Will offers of help from strangers lead to safety or death? Does the handsome young man who joins her become the love she wants or is he a hidden threat?

Can the Roman Catholic Church survive if ancient documents from the earliest years of Christianity are found showing their doctrine is wrong? The documents must not be found! Watch as players at the Vatican take the stage not trusting each other while they enlist outside resources to play their deadly games! Power is the real goal, or is it GLORY?

Our young reporter is in the middle, and she's angry again. Look out.
441 printed pages
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