Andrei Besedin

Fitness for Middle Aged People

Are you at your middle age- 40 years and above? Staying active throughout your life might be the only most powerful way to remain healthy and live long enough to enjoy all the things you have worked for and also your family. Most of us as started to reduce the bar of our priority for fitness exercises due to the fact that family and work has become more demanding.
You might encounter some difficult issues at this age.
These are:
•High blood pressure which is the number one form of heart disease
•Arterial issues such as arterial stiffening which may lead to cardiovascular disease
•Cognitive decline- degenerative and aging diseases kills the brain cell
•Increased stress and anxiety
•Additionally, cancer, diabetes, weak bones, excess weight, and much more can also creep in.
Do you know an active lifestyle become more advantageous to your health as you grow older? It can help maintain your Independence, boost your energy, protect your heart, and manage your weight as well as symptoms of pain or illness. It can also help build your memory, mood, and mind.
For you avoid the possible issues that might arise at your middle age, enjoy the remaining years of your life and stay active, our superb fitness book is ready to offer you 40 powerful exercises to make you fit and healthy. Our fantastic book will provide you various exercises that can pay high later life benefits. With what our book offers, you don't have to become an athlete, all you need to do is to get up off your couch and try to fit the exercises into your daily life.
There are many benefits you stand to gain from our fitness book.
These are:
•Stress-free navigation/index
•40 powerful exercises for fitness and good health
•Interesting and effective exercises for people more than 40 years old
•It help achieve greater physical and mental fulfillment
•Reading saves time because it is short, informative, convenient, and precise. You will be encouraged to read the entire book
•Fitness exercises provided are time-saving
We cannot argue the fact that this book is not extremely detailed, but we can assure you of an informative book that is ready to provide you a lot of effective fitness exercises that can save your future health.
65 printed pages
Original publication



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