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Parag Kulkarni

The Peacemakers

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15 years ago in the history, an undisclosed event during the India’s Pokhran II nuclear tests had one witness. The event also had an unlikely outcome – an object and a letter, which was intercepted and is now in the hands of the witness. Jason D’Souza suffers from TEA, a medical condition known as Transient Epileptic Amnesia due to injuries suffered during the covert intelligence operation and is hiding in slums of Dharavi. However, an innocent but brilliant girl, Maya, tracks him down by virtue of a mysterious scientific event and tells him things that mentally disturb him. In another event, there is a scientific accident in a nuclear waste processing plant and the scientists have found a secret, something that can turn things around for the incumbents; but at the same time, the PM has offered to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with nuclear superpowers indicating Nuclear Disarmament to pave way for creating more Energy efficient India by setting up an array of Nuclear Power Plants across the nation. Meanwhile, a deadly terrorist named ‘Amman’, with unusual powers, has surfaced and strikes a major blow at a research institute hosting a high level foreign delegation. A terrorist mastermind, lurking inside the Indian establishments, takes advantage of the situation and secretly controls things that would threaten the peace in the Indian subcontinent. As the events unfold, it comes down to Jason and Maya to uncover a dark secret that will put the government and the PM (and even the Image of the India as a peace-seeking nation) on a tight spot.Will Jason & Maya succeed in saving the nation from a disaster of great magnitude or will the evil forces have the last laugh? To know more, read on the gripping espionage thriller, THE PEACEMAKERS
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