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Handwritten Letters to the Devil

It Begins…
This book contains segments of letters found by an individual known as “The Editor”. When first presented with these mysterious letters, it was clear the writer was sick. An individual so twisted… The Editor had no choice but to continue investigating this material and its origin. Is this material of fiction; a sick joke, perhaps? Or is this a dark literary outlet for a hidden serial killer or cult? The questions just keep stacking. Upon further research, The Editor was able to confirm his greatest fear… there were others! The thought sickens The Editor. Instead of the writings of one deranged person, we have reason to believe that there are actually more insane participants roaming the world; but how many? The Editor warns that the contents of this book are not for the light-hearted, or the sensitive reader. The Editor is just the messenger… but he brings the message of a killer. You have been warned…
Have a glorious day!
-The Editor-
94 printed pages
Original publication


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