Maran Avdoniy : Murder : DCI Paul Catchpole Investigates, Gerry Cryer
Gerry Cryer

Maran Avdoniy : Murder : DCI Paul Catchpole Investigates

It should have been a straightforward case. In the early hours of the morning a body is found in the passenger seat of a car. It is quickly identified, and all that troubled DCI Paul Catchpole was his lack of sleep. Then the connections are made.
It’s a gang killing and the gang’s boss, the charismatic Maran Avdoniy, is Ukrainian, a gun runner, a trafficker and trader in women across Europe and the UAE. If catching him wasn’t already complicated someone is already hunting Avdoniy. Robbie Noakes of MI6, has built his career harassing Avdoniy, and he is determined to drive the case and Catchpole’s agenda.
In a fast-paced thriller Catchpole chases his man from London to the Ukraine and then Dubai all the time hating being at the behest of MI6. His job is solving murders in London and putting criminals behind bars and not building Noakes’ career.
344 printed pages
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