Mack Reynolds


Every status-quo-caste society in history has left open two roads to rise above your caste: The Priest and The Warrior. But in a society of TV and tranquilizers--the Warrior acquires a strange new meaning….
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    Elinahas quoted2 years ago
    Castes tended to perpetuate themselves.
    Elinahas quoted2 years ago
    I don't know man's goal, if there is one. I'm not even sure it's important. It's the road that counts. The endeavor. The dream. The effort expended to make a world a better place than it was at the time of your birth.
    Elinahas quoted2 years ago
    one person can hold a secret. It's twice as hard for two, and from there on it's a decreasing probability in a geometric ratio.
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