Lilly M. Beck

FreiWillig – Episode 15

The adventures of a German sub. Inspired by real life events.

The last few weeks have been tough. And again, Hanna * is kidnapped from the nightlife. She ends up with Gregor * -while completely drunk. Without him, she would surely have petty sex with someone tonight and fall over and over again. Hanna lacks support. Only with Gregor does she seem to feel secure and can face her demons. This time it is particularly ugly. She finds herself in hot waters due to lack of self-control. Actually, she expects that he will give her a lecture. But unlike last time, Gregor is very patient. Although she feared he would confront her, he doesn't. How long can she keep it to herself? This secrecy makes her very weary, but she doesn't want to be talked into it now. The men in her life are not bringing clarity for her right now. Still, she'll have to talk to him. Soon. And then something comes up again. He is incredibly attentive and takes care of her. He sweetly comforts her when she cries and calms her down. His presence is good for him. By spending time together, Hanna can actually forget the chaos and her fears for a few hours. With Gregor she can simply switch off. With him she feels safe, beautiful and belonging. It's perfect with him. Until…

The fifteenth part of the 20-part short story about Sub Hanna, her Dom Gregor and her passionate

*Names of people and places in this book have been changed
22 printed pages
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