C.J. Edwards

12 Horny Days of Xmas

A pretty, innocent young wife left on her own over the Xmas period. What is she to do? Then the presents start arriving; one for each of the twelve days running up to Christmas and each one more and more arousing. Harriet is aroused and corrupted; each gift leading her further down a path she’s unlikely to return from… a path that leads to some sort of climax on Christmas Day!
The postal wrapping came straight off to reveal delightful Christmas paper. Not wrapped by Lee, that was for sure! She guessed the shop had done it. There was a printed note in the top left corner. Open Now! Oh Well! She could hardly disobey her husband!
It was a baby doll negligee in an amazing fabric in blood red. It was soft, slinky and lacy all at once and looked like it would be very revealing. It was not the sort of thing she normally wore but she couldn’t resist it. Her robe and nightie came off and the baby doll went on in front of the mirror.
The effect was amazing. Harriet’s soft blonde hair cascaded across her slim shoulders and her deep blue eyes shone with energy. She looked down in very much the same way the postman had a few minutes earlier and was astonished by what she saw. She knew of course that she was a very attractive woman but this negligee set her natural assets off quite remarkably. She looked… just horny!

Adult reading material.

All characters over eighteen.

Sexually explicit.
37 printed pages
Original publication
Publication year
Erotic Dreams
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