Randy Wells

How to Write a Good White Paper For Your ICO

Do you feel stuck when writing, or even overwhelmed by the terrifying task of writing a white paper for your ICO project?

It doesn't have to be so hard. I believe you have something to offer to your prospects, which is why you are here reading this right now.

In this book you will learn a proven ten procedures that will guide you step-by-step through writing a bestselling and a perfect white paper for your ICO project.

This book will help white paper team or individual incorporate a host of new white paper elements that engages the attention of their readers. In doing so, you can have a greater impact with your white papers which in turn enable a greater business marketing effectiveness. You will learn insightful tips to master white paper writing, presentation and marketing.

This White Paper guide provides critical how-to details for every step of any white paper project for ICO, from performing the needs assessment to attracting prospects with creative marketing tactics.

Whether you are a freelance writer wanting to grow your practice or have been tasked to write a white paper for your company or you are a student seeking to master the art of writing white papers, this book is a priceless guide.

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26 printed pages
Original publication
Iva Durkin



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