Jo Ann Ferguson

Twice Blessed

A small town in 1870s Indiana is the perfect place for two people to fall in love while fleeing their pasts and searching for their futures in the first novel in Jo Ann Ferguson’s captivating Haven Trilogy
The bucolic town of Haven seemed like the perfect place for Emma Delancy to make a new life far from Kansas—and away from the threat of the hangman’s noose. For seven years, her secret has been safe. Until she rescues an orphaned boy . . . and clashes with local newcomer Noah Sawyer. Now everyone seems to be conspiring to fix her up with the handsome single father.
If Noah had wanted anonymity, he wouldn’t have chosen this close-knit community on the Ohio River as his new home. But after five years, it was time to stop running. Now beautiful, plucky Emma Delancy is threatening his hard-won peace of mind. His growing attraction to this remarkable woman who takes in an abandoned child and is already bonding with his young daughter makes Noah start to believe in the future. Until his Chicago past comes calling.
Twice Blessed is the 1st book in the Haven Trilogy, but you may enjoy reading the series in any order.
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    “Then you can always cheer for everyone else.”
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    Like someone going down for the third time?
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    Putting her hands on his shoulders, she said, “Sean O’Dell, no one can look down on you if you keep your own chin high. But if you keep your own nose high in the air, you’ll never see the ones who are trying to catch your eye to become a friend.”

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