Michael Sandler

The Automatic Writing Experience (AWE)

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The Automatic Writing Experience, AWE, is like having the world’s greatest coach right in your back pocket.Ever grabbed the steering wheel, and yanked it to the side, just in the nick of time?

Or ever picked up the phone to call someone, only to find they’re already there!
Inside of each one of us, is an inner wisdom just waiting to come out. It’s the voice that had you turn the wheel or pick up the phone.
And this inner knowing has the answers to your most pressing questions. Where do I go? What do I do? Why am I even here? Or even how do I get out of this mess?
The answers are closer than you think and with the Automatic Writing Experience (AWE), a revolutionary process to enter a meditative state, put pen to paper, and watch the words flow, you’ll have access to this incredible wisdom anytime you want.
And the greatest thing is, you don’t need any particular belief, spirituality, or even gift. This ability to tap in is available to everyone--especially you.
In AWE, you’ll quickly and easily learn how to tune into this wisdom, get answers, find direction, and point your ship almost anywhere you desire.
You’ll learn more about your life than you ever imagined!
And using AWE, you’ll tap into the most powerful manifestation tool, putting the law of attraction into action, helping attract your dreams, and much more.
"This book will show you exactly how to discover your inner power and wisdom through a powerful process of taking pen in hand. "
— _CHRISTIANE NORTHRUP, MD, New York Times best-selling author
"Most of life’s simple decisions are easy to make. Pizza or pasta? There’s no great penalty for getting it wrong. But when it comes to the big ones, the stakes are high. Jim or Jeff? California or Costa Rica? Stocks or bonds? Wouldn’t it be nice to consult a source of infinite wisdom when faced with a life-changing decision? That’s exactly what Michael Sandler shows you how to do in The Automatic Writing Experience, using the apt acronym of AWE. He shows you how to set aside your worried, logical, limited mind, and connect with wellsprings of wisdom far below the level of conscious awareness. Science shows that the essence of the universe we live in is information, and Michael’s AWE process puts you in touch with that awesome source. If you’d like to shift persistent or mysterious pat¬terns of limitation in your life, you need to bypass your limited conscious habits. AWE is your step-by-step guide to tapping into the wisdom of the cosmos and the infinite potential available from that source. " -Dawson Church, Award-winning author of Bliss Brain: The Neuroscience of Remodeling Your Brain for Resilience, Creativity and Joy.
" The Automatic Writing Experience demonstrates why Michael Sandler is one of today’s most dynamic, hands-on, and meaningful voices in practical spirituality. Michael demonstrates how the method of automatic writing brought him back from the brink—and how it can deliver breakthroughs in your life. This book is a user’s manual to your inner resources. "
-Mitch Horowitz, Author of The Miracle Club
"Automatic writing is a powerful spiritual practice that supports your personal connection to the divine. With his infectious, loving and enthusiastic energy, Michael Sandler will have you in alignment receiving powerful messages through this transformative experience. This book is an essential guide. " -Kyle Gray, Best-selling author of Angel Prayers and Raise Your Vibration
"Drawing on an ancient practice and the latest in deep mind tech¬niques, Michael Sandler helps you plug into the power Source that can guide you to manifest the life of your dreams. If you want to live an on-fire, AWE filled life, then this book is for you. " -Dr. Joe Vitale, Author of Zero Limits
"Michael Sandler is an insightful and generous teacher, and many will find this book to be an invaluable tool for accessing the wisdom of the Higher Self. " -Paul Selig, Author of Alchemy, A Channeled Text<
"Michael Sander’s book, The Automatic Writing Experience, is a key tool for our life’s toolbox. This fabulous book helps all of us to remain empowered, centered, and connected to Spirit.
Learning how to listen to your intuition and your direct spiritual guidance is the only way we move forward with our lives.
With his usual humor, compassion, love, inspiration and storytell¬ing, Michael explains how automatic writing can be a powerful door¬way for you during this time, blending the practical ‘how to’ with the magic of Spirit. " -Sandra Ingerman, MA, Award winning author of 12 books including Walking in Light and The Book of Ceremony
"I totally agree with the benefits of The Automatic Writing Experience. I have been doing this for decades; keeping journals, writing poetry and books and more. Read what Michael has to share and help to know your true self and heal. " -Bernie Siegel, MD, Author of No Endings Only Beginnings and with grandson Charlie Siegel, the poetry book, When You Realize How Perfect Everything Is
"Michael Sandler has bestowed upon us all a very precious and deeply healing gift with his new book. Most of us in the quiet time of writing feel inner peace and spiritual renewal. But until now only the inimi¬table Michael has pulled this perennial experience into a full-fledged spiritual practice to be engaged in with uplifting creative energies that arise from the very depths of our inner being. Every writer should pick up a copy right away. Fabulous job, Michael. We are cheering. Book of the year! " — Stephen G. Post Ph.D., Founding director of the Institute for Research on Unlimited Love and author of Why Good Things Happen to Good People
"Michael Sandler’s book on automatic writing will change your life, fundamentally. For the better!
Written in a no-nonsense and accessible style, and laced with his trademark mischievous yet grounding humour, Michael takes you through the process of automatic writing step-by-step in a way that is both easy to understand, and even easier to do.
He discusses how to access that inner wisdom that’s available to everyone, if you know where to look and how to ask. As Michael points out, you don’t need to be religious, spiritual or even believe in any kind of higher power—you just need to follow his simple tech¬nique and you’ll find yourself connected to an infinite wisdom that’s available to help guide you through life.
You don’t need to know how to meditate. You don’t need to go full lotus. You don’t need to eat kale or chant mantras. You just need to fol¬low Michael’s method and you will find yourself communicating with a source of wisdom and love that knows what’s best for you.
I found the book to be revelatory. It will change my life. I now have a simple and elegant technique that I can use to connect to my higher guidance. Woo Hoo! " -Bill Bennett, Author and Director of PGS and Facing Fear
"A big ‘Woo Hoo!’ to Michael Sandler for taking the ‘Woo Woo’ out of automatic writing! He approaches what has long remained a mys¬terious process of attuning to higher guidance and makes it easy and accessible for all. Like everything Michael does, this wonderfully practical book is both entertaining and deeply spiritual at the same time. Put the insights you learn here to use, and your life may well be transformed. " — Suzanne Gieseman, Author of Messages of Hope and The Daily Way messages
"In The Automatic Writing Experience (AWE), Michael Sandler pro¬vides a proven process for illuminating the path of the most sacred journey we will every take—to self-love and self-worth. This book offers a potent compass anyone can follow, that you will return to again and again. "-Nancy Levin, Best selling author of Setting Boundaries Will Set You Free
"Michael Sandler’s AWE helps you come back to the perfect present moment, reclaim the power of your authentic self, and go beyond the egoic, worrying, thinking mind. It is an invitation to hear your inner spirit, and take your power back, so you can be, feel, think and do in your daily life. Michael’s book will have you diving into AWE in no time, plugging into your inner spirit, and rediscovering your true power. " — Anne Bérubé P.h. D., Author of Be Feel Think Do: A Memoir
"Connecting to Spirit through automatic writing will enhance your life and the lives of everyone in your orbit.
Michael’s expertise at receiving guidance from Spirit combined with his easy-to-follow approach will have you communicating with the heavens in record time. " — Julie Ryan, Medical Intuitive, Medium and Psychic
"When you want to know more about something, you turn to a mas¬ter. Michael Sandler is indeed one of those masters who, besides being one of my favorite thought teachers and coaches around, is offering a truly powerful tool, broken down step by step, that will transform how you use your mind. If you are someone who wants a personal transformation of how you think and communicate, but also has a desire to explore the untapped wisdom and spiritual guidance that is just waiting to come through you, this book is probably what you’ve been looking for. "
-Dr. Michael Lennox, Psychologist and Astrologer
"Michael Sandler’s fascinating and illuminating book, The Automatic Writing Experience invites the reader to take a deep dive into discover¬ing an inner oracle that we each possess–a deep knowing and inward directionality that comes about when we engage in spiritual practice and self-inquiry.
The wisdom in this book borrows from many different psycholog¬ical, philosophical and spiritual traditions and merges them all into one unique system of Sandler’s creation that offers us practical and simple practices that can bring us great healing and insight. " — Jonathan Hammond, Author of The Shaman’s Mind—Huna Wisdom to Change Your Life
"If you want to live your greatest life, way outside the box, and better than you ever imagined, then you need to dive into AWE. Michael Sandler’s fascinating technique will help you separate from the pack, discover your authentic greatness, and find a completely new—and better way to live. If you want to live an awesome, awe-filled life, then dive into AWE with Michael. " -Brant Pinvildic, Author of The 3 Minute Pitch, CEO INvelop Entertainment
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