David Norman


Alcohemy is a proven process for anyone questioning the role of alcohol in their life. It gives you the power to succeed, revealing that alcohol doesn’t free you to be yourself, but actually limits your full potential. With Alcohemy, you can recover from the depths of despair to become the “master of your fate, and captain of your soul.” Alcohemy is a proven 13-element plan that will help you become alcohol-free based on real-life, personal experience. It will change you from the inside and deliver the outward results. You will not have to constantly resist drinking or be labeled an alcoholic for the rest of your life; the desire to drink will truly disappear. The Alcohemy process can be accomplished discreetly in the privacy of your own home. This book highlights the real cost of alcohol-related problems globally and personally and puts the power to succeed back in your hands, where it should be.
304 printed pages
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