Nina Marini

Legend of the Guardians

Ever dreamt of being a superhero?

For fourteen-year-old Riley, Taisia, Evelina and Skyler it's not a dream, but a painful reality. They were born with powers that could wield fire, water, wind and earth. But they were never told about their true identities. In fact, they didn't know about each other until their acceptance to one of the most prestigious schools in San Francisco, Aditus High School.

While living in the same house, hosted by an extravagant Natalie Sharp, the girls begin to realize how different they are from each other. Riley is a clown, Skyler is a princess, Evelina is a rebel and Taisia is a bookworm. But despite their polar opposite personalities, Riley and Taisia become best friends and embark on a journey to unravel the mystery behind their true identities. Along the way, they face the challenges of a normal high school lifestyle: homework, pop quizzes, bullies, crushes…and a high-tech game, known as the Eylox Tournament.

In a parallel universe, hidden deep down in the Pacific Ocean and inhabited by wondrous creatures, lies the Aethereus Palace. It is also home to a treelike seer, known as Meridius the Guardian of Celestial Light. He maintains peace and harmony within the planet, and he keeps a watchful eye on Riley, Taisia, Evelina and Skyler. He knows their true identities, and he knows their fatal destinies.

Their existence marks an impending war…
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