Abdullah Aymaz

No Room for Doubt

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Who created God? Is punishment by eternal hellfire justifiable when the human lifespan is so short? Does God need our prayers? Why did God create Satan? Questions such as these inhabit the homes and lives of every one of us today. Abdullah Aymaz, a journalist and author, has been tutoring and guiding hundreds of Muslim students for many years. In this work, he seeks to answer such frequently asked questions.
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    Mauroof Hussainhas quoted2 years ago
    This means that their sins were not restricted by time. On the contrary, if allowed they would have continued to sin for eternity. So, rebellion is an attribute of their carnal soul. It is not a temporary feeling of revolt limited by this world or a certain period of time.
    Mauroof Hussainhas quoted2 years ago
    The doctor writes a prescription for the illness and reminds the patient over and over again about how the medicine should be taken. How logical would it be if the patient asks the doctor, “Why are you relentlessly insisting that I use this medicine, do you have need for this?” A question like this would be quite irrational because it is the patient that needs the medicine, not the doctor.
    Mauroof Hussainhas quoted2 years ago
    God’s knowledge about the developing embryo may be listed as: the child’s destiny, character, special talents and abilities, the life he/s would encounter in the future, and psychological development. These and many other unique features can only be known by God.

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