Minimalist Living, Angela Pierce
Angela Pierce

Minimalist Living

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Minimalist living is also known as simple living and minimalists are known to strive to live in minimum at all times in all aspects of their lives. For instance, when it comes to personal belongings and possessions, minimalist living means that you do not buy too much of these things. While it doesn't necessarily mean being thrifty and not buying expensive things, minimalist living is a great way to save money since fewer possessions means fewer spending.
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Catherine Cosette
Catherine Cosetteshared an impression2 years ago
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Un libro MUY básico que no profundiza mucho.

b8365169054has quoted3 years ago
moderate when it comes to your eating habits
Nastya Kosarieva
Nastya Kosarievahas quoted3 years ago
Minimalist living has several benefits. One, it gives you less stress because of less spending and less debts and since there are less possessions, there are also less things to maintain, less things to clean, less things to protect from thieves or damage or in other words, there are less things to worry about.
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