Shazi Visram

The Happy Family Organic Superfoods Cookbook For Baby & Toddler

Give your baby and toddler the best start in life by feeding them nutrient-rich superfoods in easy-to-prepare recipes created by Shazi Visram – the founder and CEO of Happy Family Organics, one of the fastest-growing organic food companies in the US – and Cricket Azima, founder and CEO of The Creative Kitchen and celebrated chef. With more than 70 easy-to-prepare recipes made with all-natural ingredients, The Happy Family Organic Superfoods Cookbook offers a fresh, nutritious, and accessible approach—and Shazi’s enlightened nutrition philosophy—to feeding children from 4 months to 3 years.

Recipes for babies (4–12 months)—From single to multi-ingredient vegetable and fruit purees, including Happy Family’s best-selling spinach, mango & pear recipe, to recipes with quinoa, chia, and kale —Shazi’s and Cricket’s superfood recipes will nourish and please every kind of baby.

Recipes for toddlers (1–3 years)—Meals include avocado & chicken whole wheat pizza; 3 bean farro risotto; and baked salmon with peas & rice balls; toddlers will love tasty snacks like strawberry-beet pudding with coconut milk and chia; avocado, melon & mint smoothies; banana, chocolate chip & quinoa muffins; and grilled nut-butter sandwiches with smashed berries.
242 printed pages
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    b9509926475has quoted3 years ago
    7 minutes for green beans and zucchini, 8 minutes for carrots, and 3–5 minutes for chard.

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