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Abdullah Verachia

Disruption Amplified

The world has entered a period of accelerated change. This has everything to do with the disruptive events of 2020, the cognitive rewiring which each of us is going through, and the profound macro shifts reshaping the world as we know it.
We are living through an unprecedented period of rapid and pervasive transition. Every aspect of our reality is shifting, from how we work and play, to how we educate our children and care for the health and wellbeing of our families, ourselves and our neighbours.
How does this affect the future of strong, dominant sectors such as tourism and travel, consumer, retail, property, education, health, automotive and financial services, among others?
Can we rewire these and other sectors for a new reality?
Do we even have the wherewithal to reimagine the future?
How do we start the process of pressing the reset button?
Can we reimagine the world we live in and take proactive steps to play a part in it?
Do we have the tools to shift our business strategies?
Are we primed to take advantage of the opportunities on offer?
Can we sidestep our fear of the unknown and open our minds to exciting new possibilities?
Transport yourself into the future with global future strategist, speaker and disruptor Abdullah Verachia as he leads you through the fundamental shifts taking place at every level and how these will reshape the world as we know it. Envisage a new reality, new cross-border opportunities and new avenues for personal and business growth.
Unlock key insights revealed in Disruption Amplified that will inspire your own rethinking during this remarkable and transformative time, and step boldly into a new tomorrow.
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