William E. Scholz

The Post Pandemic Economy

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The Post Pandemic Economy argues for an urgent renovation of our world's economic order. The world's economic order hangs in the balance due to more than a decade of financial bail-outs that have weekend the petrodollar as the world's standard currency and unsettled market equilibrium by sustaining toxic assets. The coronavirus pandemic pushes our economy over the cliff as evidenced by the largest bail-out process arguably in the history of the world.

The world needs a peaceful revolution toward A New, Global Economic Order that never again emphasizes a debt-based system, but instead creates an equity-based system that more aligns with the values of a 21st and 22nd Century economy that include innovation and invention.

Our book discusses a full-scale renovation of our world's financial institutions at all levels. Most ambitiously, we take a paint brush to the United Nations and its associated umbrella organizations such as the International Monetary Fund. We propose an entirely new order with a sustainable and sound currency, increased protections for national sovereignty, and a re-stabilization of the Nation-State through the elimination of foreign intelligence intrusion and state-sponsored terrorism.

The Post Pandemic Economy is nothing short of a policy agenda for Democratic-Republicanism to answer the extraordinary threat of a rising Chinese Communist Party, which is both a Stalinist regime and hell-bent on world socialism. Below are just a few highlighted topics of a renovation effort:

1. Renovate International Economic Institutions replacing The Federal Reserve system with a partially Gold-standard backed currency and equity-based economic order.

2. Develop a “National Capital Bank” in the United States to facilitate massive equity re-investment, through public-private partnerships, into both large-scale infrastructure projects and small businesses.

3. Establish The New, Global Economic Order through a constitutional convention, a 1776 for the world, to replace the insolvent debt-based economic order.

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